Company History

BP Fabrication, LLC was founded in 2005 as a small fabrication shop and farm based millwright company. We have maintained that initial flexibility throughout our growth that allows us to change with the times and demands of our customers. Through key partnerships, the hiring and training of qualified, driven employees, and loyal customers we continue to carve our place in the commercial millwright industry. BP Fabrication, LLC has always been a family oriented company. Barrett Pugh, the owner, has over 21 experience in the millwright industry as well as crane/rigging, metal fabrication, equipment installation, plant relocation and project management. Safety is a culture and a way of life at BP Fabrication, LLC. The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority on every project we perform. Each of us at BP Fab have an obligation to our family, our fellow employees, our customers, and to ourselves to make safety a way of life. We believe and have proven zero accidents are possible. With these core beliefs and a passion for what we do, we continue to grow as an asset for the commercial Ag industry. As time has went on, Barrett has excelled in surrounding himself with top-notch talent. Fueled by Barrett's comradely leadership, our men stand ready to serve our community as soon as it calls for us.